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The Company Incentive Trip

on March 5, 2012

Most direct sales companies offer their reps an incentive trip to motivate them to sell and recruit. So how do you make sure you are one of the deserving reps on the trip? You must set realistic, attainable goals.

The first step is figuring out what it is going to take to achieve the qualification for the trip. For example, Miche is currently offering an incentive cruise for two to the Bahamas. It is important to break the information down so you can look at it in chunks.

  • The qualification period is through October 31st. It is the beginning of March. That means there are 8 months to qualify for the cruise.
  • The rep must accumulate 26,000 points to qualify for the trip. That means 3,250 points per month.
  • With Miche, $1 in sales = 1 point, so the rep should strive to sell $3,250 worth of retail product per month.
  • There are other ways to accumulate points, though. You earn 1,000 points for every recruit who reaches $1,000 in sales during the qualification period; you earn 500 points every time you or one of your recruits moves up a level; and you earn 500 points when your team sales are $50,000 in a month. If you achieve one of these goals, you have just created a small cushion and relieved a bit of stress.

Now, the most controllable of these methods of qualification is personal sales. If the rep wants to sell $3,250 in retail product per month, it is important for her to figure out what the average party sales are for the company. For instance, if the average sales at a party are $400, then she needs to schedule at least 8 parties in a month (that is just two parties a week).

This could seem daunting to some who just don’t have the time to do 2 parties a week. In that case, the rep should try to raise the average party sales. This can be done through great hostess coaching, a subject for a future blog.

So if your company is offering an incentive trip, break the information into manageable pieces in order to conquer them one step at a time. The incentive trips are not gifts, they are earned, and they come with a double reward. If you meet the qualifications to earn the trip, it means you have made money along the way!


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