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Successful Hostess Coaching on Facebook

In today’s market, people are busy and most of them think they are too busy to host a party. Facebook makes a lot of the objections go away. When you do your hostess coaching on Facebook you’ll find that it is fun, fast and easy, which makes it easier to book parties from your parties; it is easier to reach your hostess because she probably has a Facebook app on her cell phone; the hostess will over invite to her party, which is something we always encourage since about a third of the people invited actually show up; and it allows you to start developing a relationship with the party guests even before the party. So, how do you do it? Incorporate the same strategies of regular hostess coaching, but get much better results!

The first step is to ask her when she books the party if she has a Facebook account and let her know that you will be sending her a friend request and she needs to accept it. It is important to get a phone number or email address as well in case you are not able to find her on Facebook. Generally, though, you can find her on the friend list of the person whose party she attended. Let her know that you will be creating a Facebook event for the party and inviting her to it.

When you create the event, be sure to put her name in the event title (i.e. Kelli’s Miche Party). Since it will list you as the creator, and most of her friends probably don’t know you, this is a crucial step. “Details” is the place where you put the description of your party. Make it fun! This will get the guests’ attention. Be sure to include a section that begins, “If you cannot attend…” and include your website and instructions for ordering towards this party so those who are out of town or have other engagements can still benefit from your products and help the hostess. The invited guests are more likely to click on a link than type in a website they see on a postcard invitation, so this should increase your party sales.

Enter the location and time of the party. Set the privacy settings to “Invite Only,” and make sure to put a check in “Guests can invite friends” and “Show guest list.” Once the hostess has accepted your friend request and you have sent her the invitation to the event, you can edit the event and add her as an administrator. Simply click the “edit” button at the top of the event page and the box should pop up. You can start typing her name into the Administrator bar and then select her from the options that pull up. You should also add an event photo that reflects the products you will be presenting.

Send her a quick message letting her know that she is now an administrator on the event and can begin inviting her friends to her amazing party. When she sees how easy it is to invite friends on Facebook instead of filling out a guest list for your or even filling out the postcard invitations, she will invite EVERYBODY. Remind her to also invite friends who live out of town since they will be able to order from the website and count the orders toward her hostess rewards.

Check the event regularly to make sure she has sent her invitations and to check on the number of rsvp’s. If you see that a lot of people are not able to attend on that particular day, you may want to contact the hostess and see if she wants to pick another day. Rescheduling is hassle-free when you do it on Facebook!

A week before the party, send a message to the guests who have not responded containing the same information listed in the “Details” section of the party info. Many times they have not looked at the event because it takes too many steps on their phones, but they will receive a message directly.

A few days before the party, send a message to everyone reminding them about the party. And the day of the party, update your status saying how much you are looking forward to the party and tag the hostess in your status update.

After the party you can do your customer care contacts through Facebook, request friends from the event, and praise the hostess for the great party.

As you can see, there are numerous benefits to hostess coaching on Facebook:

  • Communication with the hostess is easier.
  • You can see the communication between the hostess and guests and interject when needed.
  • Communication with the guests after the party is easier.
  • You will have fewer cancellations.
  • Rescheduling is easier.
  • You’ll save money on postage and ink, not to mention saving time on invitations.
  • The hostess will over invite, so your party sales will increase.
  • Invited guests are more likely to check out your website, which should increase your party sales.
  • The hostess can invite guests from out of town.
  • Booking and recruiting are easier because the guests see how easy it is.
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